The listed breeders have been members in good standing of the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club for 3 continuous years, but under no circumstance does the Great Lakes Newfoundland Club guarantee the services or actions of said members.  In addition to the membership requirement, listed breeders have produced at least one litter in the last 3 years, have signed the Newfoundland Club of America's Code of Ethics and have agreed to take back dogs of their breeding that may be in rescue.  Participation on this list is completely voluntary. The Breeders’ List is an advertisement and is meant to assist you in your search for information.  Following each breeder’s name, address, and phone number, etc., you will find the colors of puppies this breeder may have and if the breeder has a stud dog. It is up to the purchaser to make an informed decision regarding individual breeders, the temperament and health concerns of any dog or kennel, acceptable contract conditions for health guarantees, spay/neuter contracts, limited registration for pets and the commitment of any breeder.  These decisions are not limited to just those breeders listed here, but to breeders in general.  

The Great Lakes Newfoundland Club considers it necessary to test all breeding stock for hips, elbow, heart, cystinuria clearances, and also strongly recommends testing where indicated for thyroid, eyes, and patella.  The GLNC endorses and encourages the use of the open registry conducted by The Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC) at now merged (except for the Eye and Tumor registries) with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals,  These open registries are information sources for current and prospective Newfoundland owners and breeders seeking health data on specific dogs.  Documentation should be available for clearances, test results or open registry participation for the sire and dam of the puppies.  

All prospective buyers are encouraged to utilize this information in their inquiries.  The OFA is an excellent reference for heath information, on any breed, for specific health certification reports  OFA Search, may help assist you, in your decision.

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