Great Lakes Newfoundland Club
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The Great Lakes Newfoundland Club wishes to welcome you and your family as owners or prospective owners of a Newfoundland dog.  While we are confident that you will discover your Newfoundland to be everything you should hope for as a gentle, devoted family pet, we think that you should know that owning a Newfoundland opens a new range of enjoyable and rewarding activities.  Some of these are AKC conformation competition, carting, obedience training and competition, water rescue training and trials, agility, backpacking and tracking,  The GLNC is an organization devoted to the development of the maximum potential of our dogs.  The Club sponsors educational programs and a variety of activities, such as fun matches, education days, draft tests, water tests and regional specialty dog shows.  The GLNC invites you to join us in our activities and call upon us if we can be of assistance to you.  

If you are still not sure about a Newfoundland dog or about joining the GLNC Club, please come and check us out.  Anyone, member or non-member, is invited to any function the GLNC hosts or any of our meetings.  To see a list of the upcoming events please visit the Calendar of Events tab.  Feel free to email the club anytime with questions, concerns or compliments :).  We are here for you and we hope to see you soon.  

GLNC Membership Information
What to expect when you turn in your application for membership...

  • Your membership application will be read at the next general membership meeting.  Those meetings are every OTHER month

  • Your name(s) will be published in our monthly publication the Noble Newf as being "read" for membership and pending approval.

  • Once your application has been "read" at the first general membership meeting you will begin receiving the Noble Newf publication.

  • At the NEXT general membership meeting your application will be voted on by our membership.  You are welcome to attend this meeting.  If your membership is approved you are now a full member of the GLNC.

  • As a member you should now receive the Noble Newf monthly.  You can join the GLNC Discussion List, and continue to attend events.

  •  The membership approval process takes 3 months - thank you for your patience.  In this period of time we hope you will still join us at our club events. 
Please read the GLNC Constitution and By-Laws
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Sabrina Moore's Barney and Scout
The Keech Family's Baron
Chuck Ialungo's Jake off the boat
Chuck Ialungo's Jagger
Rosie Moore at 6 months old
Deb Wigal and Amy Lane's Diva
Brite - Lauren Kinney Coulam
Glory - Sue Putt
Hannes - Ken and Nancy Kline
Hudson and Nelson - Marie Acosta and Chuck Manke
Jersey - The Tepatti Family
Journey - Laura Nalli
Malley and Mojo - Pete and Danielle Karmanos
Nemo - The Tepatti Family
Molly and Toby - The Huebner Family
GLNC Members 
and their Newfs
GLNC is a group of Newfoundland friends who encourage and promote the health and well being of our breed.  Members participate in a variety of Newf related activities during the year including; AKC conformation shows, water and draft trials, education days, parades, carting exhibitions, camping, water training, therapy visits and general Newfoundland fun.  We strive to meet the needs of our current membership and reach out to new members through our activities, programs and education.