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About the Club

Building friendships

since 1969

Great Lakes Newfoundland Club Water Test

GLNC is a group of Newfoundland friends who encourage and promote the health and well being of our breed for over 50 years. Members participate in a variety of Newf related activities during the year including (but not limited to): AKC conformation shows, water, draft and obedience trials, education days, parades, carting exhibitions, camping, water training, therapy visits and general Newfoundland fun.  We strive to meet the needs of our current membership and reach out to new members through our activities, programs and education.

A Newfoundland is strong, kind, gentle, and loyal. The GLNC strives everyday to ensure those qualities, and much more, remain the hallmark of the breed through inclusion and education, so please consider attending one of our many events throughout the year!

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