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Puppy Ambassador 

The Newfoundland Club of America has a list of breeders that have met certain qualifications that would allow for the growth of the Newfoundland breed through means of health testing and more. We recommend using the NCA's list as they are able to regulate and enforce their quality of standards for breeding.




Please visit their website and subscribe to their puppy emailing list to stay up-to-date on breeders and litters in your area.

However, subscribing to the puppy list is only one part of the process! To find a puppy that would best fit your needs (every Newfoundland comes with their own unique personality!), please reach out to the breeders on the list provided by the NCA and talk with them, meet them in person, and meet their newfs! You can also reach out to your local club for meet and greets.

NOTE: If you're interested in a brown, gray, or Landseer (black and white) Newfoundland, please be prepared to wait quite a while for the right breeder and puppy to come along. These colors are less prevalent than all blacks and it takes time to research the breeder, the parent dogs and their health records to ensure your future puppy will be the healthiest, finest example of a Newfoundland.

Looking to adopt a rescued Newfoundland? Check out the NCA's recognized rescue page to find one nearest you.

Purebred does not always equal well bred. It is very important to do research about the breed standard and join your regional club.

From the Newfoundland Club of America's website: 

  • "Most reputable breeders do not produce multiple litters every single year and seldom if ever have puppies available on demand." 1

  • Contacting a breeder with little to no information about yourself and asking "Do you have any pups available? How Much?" will not help you in your puppy search. 2

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