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Puppy Referral

GLNC does not have their own breeder referral list.  Instead, we refer you to the NCA Puppy Resource Page.  This page has information on how to best find a breeder to work with, as well as Newf Ambassador contacts.

Newf Ambassadors are NCA members who have knowledge of the breed and can  help you make decisions on what breeder might be the best fit for you. 

Finding a puppy from a preservation breeder is a good investment of your time.  The right breeder for you, might not be the right breeder for someone else.  The only way to find your fit is by talking to people.  Remember, purebred does not always mean well bred.

It is important to know that preservation breeders pour their hearts into their breed.  Anyone on the internet can say they are a preservation breeder, but when talking to one it's easy to tell.  They tend to be geeked about health testing and often have titles on their dogs.  The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is an important resource for preservation breeders and they should be able to point you to OFA entries for any of their breeding dogs.  They can tell you about the dogs in their puppies' backgrounds and are happy to discuss any of your concerns.

There are often waiting lists for well bred puppies.  Don't expect preservation breeders to have puppies available that day, week or month.  It is not uncommon to wait a year or more for the right puppy.  If you have your heart set on a color other than black, the wait could be even longer.

If a puppy is not the right fit for you, check out NCA's rescue page.  The rescue team can help put you in contact with a local rescue that can fit your needs.


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